Every year, the Robotics Club @ NIE conducts various workshops to the members recruited to the club. The recruitment process is based on the response and interest during the pre-requisite workshops. An interview and a simple test are conducted to select the members to the club. After the recruitment program, intensive training is given to the members on topics such as basics of C programming, Introduction to Arduino, exposure to various sensors like DTMF, IR sensor, Ultrasonic sensor, etc., Python programming. Designing software is also taught to the members to help them design their robots before fabricating. And we also provide hands-on experience in building various robots. We also encourage the members to take up projects on their own by providing required guidance and also the required components needed. We also conduct various brainstorming sessions to the members to build robots to participate in various competitions across the country. The lessons learnt during the workshops can be implemented in various aspects of life.