About the event

Roborikishi is an annually held national-level event conducted by The Department of Mechanical Engineering and Robotics Club @ NIE. In this, students from different colleges participate and compete with each other in different events. This event mainly focuses on creating awareness about robotics and automation in students of all age groups irrespective of their discipline. As a part of the event, Robo-Expo would be organized where various Robotics-related projects build by us are exhibited. We have exciting competitions like the fastest line follower, maze solver, Robo war, Robo race. Students from all over the country build their bots to compete with each other. The goal is to test the creativity, programming, and designing skills of the contestants.



The members of the Robotics club @ NIE exhibit various projects which are based on Arduino and Raspberry Pi. The expo aims to demonstrate practical applications of robotics and automation in day to day life.


The challenge is to drive through the track while following a black line against a white background and tackling the surprise challenges on the arena. The quickest and the most intelligent robot will be declared as the winner.

A robot is placed in the far corner of a maze consisting of square segments, of 30*30. Junctions are similar to standard mazes which include dead ends, T-intersections, right and left-hand turns, etc. In the dead center of the maze, is an open area, 2segments wide and 2segments long. This central area is positioned in such a way that only left-turn or only right-turn robots can never reach it. The goal is to reach the center of the maze in the fastest time possible, across several attempts.
  • Track and Arena: The robots are tested for elimination in the preliminary rounds, so only the best robots survive on the arena. To do this various tracks and hurdles have been set up for the robots to pass.
  • Flex your Muscles: The first is the weight push test, where the bots have to push weights to move on in the event.
  • Track: Then there is a track event, where the robots have to pass through hurdles on its way. There will be hurdles like sand, stones, inclined, declined surfaces, and other surprise elements. The points in this round are allotted based on the time taken to clear the event. The track will have curves too, to check the swiftness of the robot. There will be stages in the track where the robots can skip a hurdle, but a penalty will be considered for skipping a hurdle.
  • Bonus rounds: The robots then get an opportunity to demonstrate their weapons, these also add to the points allotted to the robot.
  • Arena: Arena consists of a square surface made up of wood. The arena is covered by barricades to prevent parts of the robot flying out of the arena. The time allotted for a battle is 3 minutes. The robot has to either immobilize the opponent or throw it out of the arena. The robot to win the battle is allowed to continue in the event, the opponent is knocked out. The robot to reach the final battle and win it will grab the title of the championship.
    The target is to design a wired or wireless manually controlled robot that should be able to travel on land, water(multiple terrains). The robot that traverses all the hurdles and completes the track in a minimum amount of time will be declared as the "DEATH RACE CHAMPION".