We cherish the thought that "the only source of knowledge is experience" and take lessons from all our past experiences so that we make steady and constant progress. Every semester we take up projects that are beneficial to society and try to implement the same in real life. Here is the list of few projects that are completed and a few which are in progress.
Sl.noProject NameStatus
3Robotic WristCompleted
4Robotic HandCompleted
5Intelligent Line Following RobotCompleted
6Fire Sensing RobotCompleted
7Virtual TelepresenceCompleted
8Gesture Controlled RobotCompleted
9Motion Controlled RobotCompleted
10Automatic Irrigation SystemCompleted
11Mars Rover(rocker bogie)Completed
12Home Automation System using Voice ControlCompleted
13Industrial Pollution Level Indicating RoverCompleted
14Tesla TowerCompleted
15Smart Container Maintainance System using Voice ControlCompleted
17Robotic ArmOngoing
18Robotic HeadOngoing
19Human FollowerOngoing
20Autonomous Navigation Robot with Human InteractionOngoing