Our Representation


1. e-Yantra

e-Yantra is an initiative to spread the education of Embedded systems and Robotics by the Ministry of Human Resource Development through the National Mission on Education through ICT (NMEICT). The objective is to provide hands-on learning to engineering students who have limited access to labs and mentors. It is a group competition where students in a team of 4, program a given robotic platform to solve a given problem in 12-15 weeks. The emphasis is on systematically applying one's mind to solving the problem with given resources and solving the problem by successfully implementing the best solution. Several tasks are assigned to the teams during the period of the competition to take them through the project lifecycle in a systematic manner. A lot of emphases is placed on problem exploration, documentation, and presenting the results. Final scores for the teams are decided using a scoring system that uses individual scores for the tasks assigned. A video presentation of the solution is used to short-list the finalists in the competition. The format of the competition not only tests the theoretical and technical knowledge of the team members but also the communication skills and team player skills of the students.

2. Technoxian

Technoxian is a major stage to express your development to Robotics and Artificial Intelligence. Technoxian is the world's largest robotics championship event series of World Robotics Championship[WRC] and International Robotics League[IRL] organized by All India Council for Robotics & Automation[AIRCA]. It accumulates students from all over the world together to be a part of the biggest world level robotics championship. The event is anticipated to witness ambassadors, education councilors and representatives from many countries as well as chairman, principals, teachers from various schools and colleges of repute. The organization conducts competition both for school and college students as Junior and Senior championships. Students from different countries like the United States, Srilanka, Germany, Australia, etc get together and compete against each other. Professionals who are in the field of robotics are here to judge the performance of the Robot in the event. It is a 3-day event that would have lots of robotics shows by internationally recognized performers. The different categories in WRC are the Fastest Line Follower[FLF], Roborace, Robo Soccer, Micro Mouse, Robowar, Quadcopter challenge, RC craft challenge, Innovation Challenge.


RASE is an Annual National Level Robotic Competition organized by Amrita Club for Robotics and Mechatronics(ACROM) at Amrita School of Engineering, Bengaluru. RASE aims at creating a platform for healthy competition for robot geeks across the nation and is undeniably a great opportunity to hone one's robot designing skills and test the same on an appreciable scale. The fest aims to encourage the students in the field of robotics by creating a healthy competition for students across the nation and to give students a platform to present and showcase their skills. The event encourages the student to think differently. ACROM uses RASE as a platform to further popularize robotics among student communities with innovative completions relevant to society. In the past, the club has successfully organized FIRA (Federation of International Robot-soccer Association) in 2010, RASE'11, RASE'14. Participants also get a first-hand experience of competing according to demanding needs and challenging environment. The event has got only better with each passing year.

Extra curricular activities

1. Visit to Divya Deepa Charitable Trust, a Non-Governmental Organisation

As per our motto "Power is gained by sharing knowledge and not by hoarding it ", we took a further step to spread knowledge about robotics and automation to the younger generations in a Non-Governmental Organization, Divya Deepa Charitable trust, Mysuru. We did so by acknowledging them about the current trends in robotics technology. We also demonstrated various projects pursued by us to motivate them in this field and further encourage them to work in this field.

2. E-waste management

Electronic Waste or e-Waste is one of the rapidly growing environmental problems in the world. The volume of e-waste grows rapidly every year and is also believed to be one of the most critical waste disposal issues of the twenty-first century. When it comes to e-Waste, recycling faces many challenges. e-Waste has raised concerns because many components in electronic products are toxic and do not biodegrade easily. To tackle these hazards, we have taken up measures towards recycling and reusing the e-Waste that we produce. We try to de-solder the IC's and try to use them in other projects. We also make use of the waste PCB, produced in our club. In case, we are unable to recycle or reuse it, we dispose it to the e-Waste management organisations.