About us

The Robotics Club @ NIE is one of its kind interdisciplinary technical clubs of The National Institute of Engineering, Mysuru. Along with our diversity, we share a common passion for robotics. We take up socio-academic projects and try to solve the daily life problems in the society providing innovative solutions through our continuous dedicated work in the field of robotics and automation. We believe that robotics and automation lower the risk of human error and adds intelligence to the system. Being a student club, under The Mechanical Engineering Department, NIE. We welcome everyone, with or without prior knowledge of Robotics, to be a part of our ROBO family. The club offers indispensable professional guidance and workshops along with tools, components, and workspace. Our target is to transform members of our club into creative and technically strong engineers capable of solving various global challenges. The Robotics Club @ NIE is making a difference by allowing students to learn about engineering and robotics with hands-on experience.

We participate in various recognized competitions and tech-fests hosted by top technical institutes all across the country. Unlike many other student teams, we're not focused on any one particular contest: we continually evolve by finding exciting new opportunities for challenge. We are grateful to all our members who have made us proud in all these events. Here, we explore exciting new technologies, learn critical skills, and believe that power is gained by sharing knowledge and not by hoarding it. We encourage this by conducting numerous workshops on various topics that are of current and future relevance in the field of robotics and automation.

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